• David  Warner

    David Warner

    Born on July 29th, 1941

    From Manchester, England


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Masada Poster


When the Romans successfully take Jerusalem, a combative faction of Jews relocates to a mountaintop redoubt in Masada under the leadership of Eleazar ben Yair (Peter Strauss) and refuses to accept Roman rule. Despite being overwhelmed numerically, the rebels successfully employ guerrilla warfare tactics against a Roman legion under Flavius Silva (Peter O'Toole) until the Romans finally summon an expert in siege warfare, Rubrius Gallus (Dennis Quilley).

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Special
Morgan! Poster


Volatile artist Morgan Delt (David Warner) returns to London after having been institutionalized, hoping to reconcile with his wife, Leonie (Vanessa Redgrave). When he learns she is leaving him for art dealer Charles Napier (Robert Stephens), Morgan is determined to win her back. While stalking Leonie, Morgan becomes obsessed with Marxism and gorillas. In his new monkey costume, the artist begins a campaign of harassment against Leonie and Charles.

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1967)
British Actor