• Gloria  Grahame

    Gloria Grahame

    Born on November 28th, 1923

    From Los Angeles, California, USA


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The Bad and the Beautiful Poster

The Bad and the Beautiful

Unscrupulous movie producer Jonathan Shields (Kirk Douglas) is a child of Hollywood who ruthlessly toils his way to the top of the studio system, discarding movie star Georgia (Lana Turner), director Fred Amiel (Barry Sullivan) and writer James Lee Bartlow (Dick Powell) along the way. Although Shields manipulates them and leaves each in despair, they find success in Hollywood, thanks in part to Shields, and must decide whether or not to repay him when he offers them a collaborative project.

Golden Globe (1953)
Best Performance By an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Actress in a Supporting Role
Crossfire Poster


Stark, claustrophobic thriller about an anti-Semitic soldier who kills a Jewish war veteran, evading detection because of his loyal friends' protection. However, a detective is determined that the crime will not go unsolved and sets about laying a trap for the murderer.

Actress in a Supporting Role