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Ameena Mostafa Gamaal was born to an Egyptian father and a Greek mother. She started her career in acting at a very young age. She was Emaad Hamdy and Madeeha Youssry’s daughter in “Akwa men al-hobb" (Stronger than love). Mimi continued acting as a young woman. She worked on stage with Al-Fannaneen al-Mottahedeen (The United Artists) Troupe and in several individually owned theatre troupes.

She became widely known through her numerous TV roles. Among her very successful plays are; “ Nemra etnein yeksab"(Number two wins), “Al-abeet" (The fool), “Motreb al-awaatef" (The emotional singer”,” and ”Esh al-maganeen" (Coo coo’s nest). Mimi also participated in TV series; “Hawaanem Garden City" (Ladies of Garden City) and “Al-dawwaama" (The whirlpool) are two successful examples.

Mimi is married to Hassan Moustafa the actor who was her partner in many plays and she gave him two daughters.

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