January 2005 Horror DVD Releases

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Trespassing Poster
TrespassingAvailabe January 11, 2005
I, Monster Poster
I, MonsterAvailabe January 11, 2005
The Forgotten Poster
The ForgottenAvailabe January 18, 2005
Scared to Death Poster
Scared to DeathAvailabe January 25, 2005
The Feral Man Poster
The Feral ManAvailabe January 25, 2005
Beware My Brethren Poster
Beware My BrethrenAvailabe January 25, 2005
The Killer Must Kill Again Poster
The Killer Must Kill AgainAvailabe January 25, 2005
AVP: Alien vs. Predator Poster
AVP: Alien vs. PredatorAvailabe January 25, 2005