A Broadway Saint

A Broadway Saint (1919)

Dick Vernon (Montagu Love) lives in New York but hasn't succumbed to the city's vices. When his vacation comes up, he goes to Boonsburg to visit his uncle (George Bunny) and aunts (Emily Fitzroy and Annie Laurie Spence). He finds small-town life far more wicked than living in the big city. A theatrical troupe comes to town, and Dick finds his match in chorus girl Mazie Chateaux (Helen Weir). Dick's uncle inherits a huge sum of money and insists that his nephew take him to New York and entertain him. Dick, knowing what his uncle expects, takes him through a number of wild adventures, but he is happy to put all that behind him and settle down with Mazie. (Janiss Garza)
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DirectorHarry O. Hoyt