Ace High (1969)

Movie"Nobody beats Caco at his own game, because even if you lose!"
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After Cacopoulos manages to save himself from being hung on a false charge, he robs Cat Stevens and Hutch Bessy of a lot of money and steals their horses. This results in a merry chase and Stevens and Bessy become unwilling allies in Cacopoulus' revenge against the people who deserted him and framed him to get their money back.
DirectorGiuseppe Colizzi

Jango (Terence Hill) Collection

The first spaghetti westerns as a trilogy with Terence Hill and Bud Spencer as Jango as Dan in the lead roles. It begins with "God Forgives ... I Do not!" Merges seamlessly into the nights movie "Ace High" over and ends with "Boot Hill". Unlike the later films with the two series is made very seriously and accordingly adapted bloody, even if some ridiculous elements can already be seen here that distinguish the duo later.

Movie Details

Theatrical Release:September 2nd, 1969
Original Language:Italian
Production Companies:Crono Cinematografica, San Marco