• Beatrice (1988)


Release Date: 1988

R |1 hr 13 min

Plot Summary

With her father, Lord Cortemare (Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu), away fighting in the Crusades, Beatrice (Julie Delpy) has lived a privileged and pleasurable life, raised in a matriarchal castle by her mother and other noblewomen. That all changes dramatically when Cortemare returns home, restores his place in power and resumes his reign of terror on everyone he comes across. No one sees Cortemare's scorn quite like Beatrice, however, and her former friends and allies seem powerless to help.

Cast: Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu, Julie Delpy, Nils Tavernier

Director: Bertrand Tavernier

Genres: Historical drama

Keywords: Growing up, France, Daughter, Brooding, Father, Mother