• Birdy (1984) Cast & Crew

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  • Karen  Young
    Karen Young as Hannah Rourke
  • Bruno  Kirby
    Bruno Kirby as Renaldi
  • Nancy  Fish
    Nancy Fish as Mrs. Prevost
  • George "Buck"  Flower
    George "Buck" Flower as Walt, Birdy's Father, School Janitor
  • Dolores  Sage
    Dolores Sage as Birdy's mother
  • Pat  Ryan
    Pat Ryan as Joe Sagessa
  • James  Santini
    James Santini as Mario Columbato
  • Maud  Winchester
    Maud Winchester as Doris Robinson
  • Marshall  Bell
    Marshall Bell as Ronsky
  • Elizabeth  Whitcraft
    Elizabeth Whitcraft as Rosanne
  • Sandra  Beall
    Sandra Beall as Shirley
  • Victoria  Nekko
    Victoria Nekko as Claire
  • Crystal  Field
    Crystal Field as Mrs. Columbato
  • John  Brumfield
    John Brumfield as Mr. Kohler
  • Joe  Lerer
    Joe Lerer as Military Doctor
  • Alice  Truscott
    Alice Truscott as Mother on Train
  • Ed  Taylor
    Ed Taylor as Zimmy The Human Fish
  • Irving  Selbst
    Irving Selbst as Fairground Announcer
  • Steve  Lippe
    Steve Lippe as Mr. Russo, Yunkyard Proprietor
  • William  Clark
    William Clark as Policeman on Beach
  • James  Pruett
    James Pruett as Emergency Doctor
  • Priscilla  Alden
    Priscilla Alden as Waiting Room Lady
  • Howard  Kinsley
    Howard Kinsley as Mr. Tate
  • Robert  Diamond
    Robert Diamond as Maloney
  • Bud  Seese
    Bud Seese as Drunk in Jail
  • Ray  Pili
    Ray Pili as High School Band