• Black and Blue (1999)

Black and Blue

Release Date: 1999

DVD Release Date: July 26th, 2005

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 37 min

Plot Summary

New York City cop Bobby Benedetto (Anthony LaPaglia) physically and mentally abuses his wife, Frances (Mary Stuart Masterson). Because Bobby is on the police force, Frances believes it will be useless to tell the authorities about the domestic violence she must endure. Eventually, Frances and her son (Will Rothhaar) escape to Florida, where they enter into the Witness Protection Program. Unfortunately, they aren't safe for long, as Bobby is expertly trained in the art of pursuing fugitives.

Cast: Mary Stuart Masterson, Anthony LaPaglia, Will Rothhaar, Sam Robards, Beau Starr, Sabrina Grdevich, Elizabeth Brown, Allegra Fulton

Director: Paul Shapiro

Genres: Drama

Keywords: Police officer, New York City, 1990s, Rescue, Pursuit, Son, Tense

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