• Chopper (2000) Cast & Crew

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  • David  Field
    David Field as Keithy George
  • Dan  Wyllie
    Dan Wyllie as Bluey
  • Bill  Young
    Bill Young as Det. Downie
  • Kenny  Graham
    Kenny Graham as Keith Read
  • Garry  Waddell
    Garry Waddell as Kevin Darcy
  • Fred  Barker
    Fred Barker as Governor Beasley
  • Serge  Liistro
    Serge Liistro as Sammy the Turk
  • Peter  Hardy
    Peter Hardy as Det. Cooney
  • Renée  Brack
    Renée Brack as TV Interviewer
  • Terry  Willesee
    Terry Willesee as Current Affairs Show Host