• Dark Journey (1937) Cast & Crew

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  • Ursula  Jeans
    Ursula Jeans as Gertrude
  • Eliot  Makeham
    Eliot Makeham as Anatole Bergen
  • Margery  Pickard
    Margery Pickard as Colette
  • Austin  Trevor
    Austin Trevor as Dr. Muller
  • Sam  Livesey
    Sam Livesey as Schaffer
  • Cecil  Parker
    Cecil Parker as Captain of Q-Boat
  • Edmund  Willard
    Edmund Willard as Chief of German Intelligence
  • Charles  Carson
    Charles Carson as Head of Fifth Bureau
  • William  Dewhurst
    William Dewhurst as The Killer
  • Henry  Oscar
    Henry Oscar as Swedish Magistrate
  • Reginald  Tate
    Reginald Tate as Mate of Q-Boat
  • Robert  Newton
    Robert Newton as Officer of U-Boat
  • Phil  Ray
    Phil Ray as Faber
  • Lawrence  Hanray
    Lawrence Hanray as Cottin
  • Percy  Walsh
    Percy Walsh as Captain of Swedish Packet
  • Laidman  Browne
    Laidman Browne as Rugge
  • Martin  Harvey
    Martin Harvey as Bohlau
  • Anthony  Holles
    Anthony Holles as Dutchman