• Everybody's Hobby (1939)

Everybody's Hobby

Release Date: 1939

Not Yet Rated |56 min

Plot Summary

When newspaper reporter Thomas Leslie (Henry O'Neill) loses his job for refusing to cover a story in the way the paper's new owners want, his stamp-collecting wife, Myra (Irene Rich), encourages him to pursue a hobby. Soon Thomas is a budding photographer and eager to flex his new camera skills. He plans a family vacation to the mountains that is disrupted by a raging forest fire. Thomas and his son, Robert (Jackie Moran), an avid ham radio operator, team up to find out what happened.

Cast: Irene Rich, Henry O'Neill, Jackie Moran, Aldrich Bowker, Jean Sharon, John Ridgely, Peggy Stewart, Jackie Morrow

Director: William McGann

Genres: Comedy

Keywords: Son, Wife, Pursuit, Family, Amusing, Spirited, Investigation, House, 1930s, Father

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