'Halloween' | Unscripted | Jamie Lee Curtis, David Gordon Green, Jason Blum

Movie"Face Your Fate."

Dec 20, 2018 - 40 years ago, high schooler Laurie Strode faced off against murderous psychopath Michael Myers, and we've been terrified ever since. Now that we're heading back to Haddonfield, Illinois for a new chapter of terror in "Halloween" we decided sitting down with one of the OG Scream Queens herself Jamie Lee Curtis for an episode of "Unscripted" was absolutely essential. She's joined by the two people that helped bring this latest iteration of "Halloween" to life: director David Gordon Green and super producer Jason Blum. With such a wealth of information across the acting, directing, and producing fronts, things picked up quickly. Topics discussed include a Michael Myers crossover film, what being a "scream queen" really means, and a moving story from the set of the movie. "Halloween" hits theaters October 19th, 2018.

Halloween Collection

Halloween is a horror film series that consists of slasher films focused on the fictional character of Michael Myers. Michael's killings occur on the holiday of Halloween, on which all of the films primarily take place.