• Having Wonderful Crime (1945)

Having Wonderful Crime

Release Date: 1945

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 10 min

Plot Summary

This lighthearted mystery finds the recently married Jake (George Murphy) and Helene Justus (Carole Landis) unable to avoid trouble, even on their honeymoon. After the couple witnesses a stage magician's disappearance that isn't part of the act, they enlist their sleuthing lawyer friend, Michael J. Malone (Pat O'Brien), to help them get to the bottom of the vanishing. The clues lead straight to a hotel where a murderer seems to be on the loose, and danger runs amok.

Cast: Pat O'Brien, George Murphy, Carole Landis, Lenore Aubert, George Zucco, Gloria Holden, Charles D. Brown, Wee Willie Davis

Director: A. Edward Sutherland

Genres: Comedy , Thriller

Production Co: RKO Pictures

Keywords: Madcap, Playful, Friendship, Husband, 1940s, Mystery, Wife, Pursuit

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