Hell Squad

Hell Squad (1958)

"Hits Like Steel!"
TMDb Score
Not Yet Rated 1 hr 4 minJun 1st, 1958War

During World War II, a squad of five American soldiers become lost in Tunisia and are killed one by one in fights with German units. Finally only one man, Private Russo, is left, in the midst of a mine field, together with a German officer, locked in a stalemate. Russo has water, while the German claims to have a map revealing the mine positions. So Russo agrees to swap water for the map, but the German officer tries to double-cross him. This was Burt Topper's debut film, made on 16mm on weekends together with some friends in Indio, California. It was also Wally Campo's debut film, as well as script supervisor Joyce King's.

Wally Campoas Private Russo
Brandon Carrollas German Officer
Fred Gavlinas Sergeant Clemens