Hell's Angels Poster

Release Date: 1930

PG|2 hr 15 min

Plot Summary
As World War I breaks out in Europe, Roy (James Hall) and Monte (Ben Lyon), two brothers studying at Oxford University, enlist in the Royal Flying Corps to fight for queen and country, while their college friend Karl is drafted in Germany. A love triangle involving Monte, Roy, and Roy's girlfriend, Helen (Jean Harlow), the brothers' disparate personalities, and Monte's cowardice in the face of war soon threaten to compromise a top-secret bombing mission over German territory.

Cast: Ben Lyon, Jean Harlow, James Hall, John Darrow, Lucien Prival, Frank Clarke, Roy Wilson, Douglas Gilmore

Director: Howard Hughes

Genres: War

Keywords: Melodramatic, Girlfriend, Sacrifice, Brother, Love triangle, England, Love


Nominated Cinematography