• Holiday in the Sun (2001) Cast & Crew

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  • Ashley  Hughes
    Ashley Hughes as Keegan Grayson
  • Markus  Flanagan
    Markus Flanagan as Harrison
  • Jamie  Rose
    Jamie Rose as Harrison
  • Jeff  Altman
    Jeff Altman as Chad
  • Wendy  Schaal
    Wendy Schaal as Jill
  • Billy Aaron  Brown
    Billy Aaron Brown as Scott
  • Megan  Fox
    Megan Fox as Brianna
  • Ashley  Kelly
    Ashley Kelly as Trish
  • Sterling  Rice
    Sterling Rice as Carmen
  • Phillip  Sands
    Phillip Sands as Ziggy
  • C.J.  Ansell
    C.J. Ansell as Good Looking Kid
  • Ben  Christian
    Ben Christian as Boy in Club
  • Spencer  Roberts
    Spencer Roberts as Surfer
  • Jason  Deveaux
    Jason Deveaux as Stan
  • Ben J.  Michaels
    Ben J. Michaels as Jeffrey
  • Gordon  Mills
    Gordon Mills as Teacher
  • Chelera  Bateman
    Chelera Bateman as Liz
  • Cesar  Alava
    Cesar Alava as Champlaine
  • Scott  Adderley
    Scott Adderley as Security Guard
  • Tony  Pierce-Roberts
    Tony Pierce-Roberts as Policeman
  • Dawn  Forbs
    Dawn Forbs as Katherine
  • Steve  Purcell
    Steve Purcell as Director
  • Rob  Lundsgaard
    Rob Lundsgaard as D.P.
  • Dale  Russell
    Dale Russell as Chauffeur