Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Movie"A basterd's work is never done."
Audience Score
In Nazi-occupied France during World War II, a group of Jewish-American soldiers known as "The Basterds" are chosen specifically to spread fear throughout the Third Reich by scalping and brutally killing Nazis. The Basterds, lead by Lt. Aldo Raine soon cross paths with a French-Jewish teenage girl who runs a movie theater in Paris which is targeted by the soldiers.

Movie Details

Theatrical Release:August 21st, 2009 - Buy Tickets
On DVD & Blu-ray:December 15th, 2009 - Buy DVD
Movie Budget:$70,000,000
Movie Box Office Gross:$321,457,747 (Worldwide)
Original Language:English
Executive Producers:Harvey Weinstein, Lloyd Phillips, Erica Steinberg, Bob Weinstein
Production Companies:The Weinstein Company, Universal Pictures, A Band Apart, Zehnte Babelsberg Film, Visiona Romantica, Peninsula Films