Johnny Vegas Whos Ready for Ice Cream

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Johnny Vegas Whos Ready for Ice Cream
NR 1 hrComedy
Johnny Vegas has crawled his way to the top of the showbiz ladder Fame wealth and awards are his but theres a problemhes lost his edge Hes no longer funny and the fans have begun to take notice The solution Return Vegas to his standup roots The Edinburgh Fringe Festival How Kidnap Johnny and surround him with a mad lifestyle manager a meglomaniac sponsor and his obsessive comic flatmate who shouldve been sectioned years ago Then just sit back watch his world fall apart and hope his new found misery means he can reclaim his place amongst standup comedys finest with hilarious results Succeed or fail one question must be answeredWhos Ready For Ice Cream

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Original Language:English
Executive Producers:AJ Pearce
Production Companies:Universal Pictures