• Kickboxer (1989)


Release Date: 1989

DVD Release Date: June 8th, 1999

R |1 hr 45 min

Plot Summary

Eric Sloane (Dennis Alexio) is an American kickboxing pro, helped by his brother, Kurt (Jean-Claude Van Damme), in his quest for glory. But when the two go to Thailand to take on legendary Tong Po (Michel Qissi), the opponent viciously beats Eric and leaves him paralyzed. Swearing vengeance, Kurt tracks down master Xian Chow (Dennis Chan) and begins learning the sport himself while also getting caught up in criminal intrigue involving thuggish crime boss Freddy Li (Ka Ting Lee).

Cast: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dennis Alexio, Dennis Chan, Michel Qissi, Haskell Vaughn Anderson III, Rochelle Ashana, Ka Ting Lee, Richard Foo

Director: Mark DiSalle , David Worth

Genres: Action , Martial Arts

Production Co: Kings Road Entertainment

Keywords: Revenge, Bar, Rescue, Rivalry, Brother, Competition, 1980s, Tense

Ratings & Reviews

  • 63
    TV Guide Magazine

    Nobody goes to these movies for their comic-book plots, klutzy dialog, or hammy acting--all of which Kickboxer has in abundance. They go for action, and on that level Kickboxer delivers the goods. show more

  • 20
    Los Angeles Times

    This may not be the dumbest action picture of the year, but it's not for lack of trying. Insurmountable plot implausibilities, rampant racial stereotyping, superfluous nudity and inhuman amounts of comically exaggerated violence--"Kickboxer" has it all. show more

  • 50
    Miami Herald

    What's missing in Kickboxer is a solid script and keen direction of dramatic sequences... Van Damme choreographed and edited all the fight scenes, and his talent is undeniable. If you're thrilled by a flurry of spinning back kicks, elbow punches and assorted high-flying martial-arts tricks, Kickboxer has your name on it. [12 Sep 1989, p.C7]

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