Küchengespräche mit Rebellinnen

"A documentary film with oral witnesses which emphasized the role of women in the resistance against national socialism"
Küchengespräche mit Rebellinnen
NR 1 hr 20 minDocumentary, War
Oral witnesses tell about their work in the Austrian underground movement against the national socialist regime Agnes Primoschitz Johanna SadolschekZala Rosl GrossmannBreuer and Anni Haider talk about helping concenreation camp prisoners escape fighting with the partisans and imprisonment and about various experiences which bring back happy and sad memories Many of their friends and relatives did not survive the terrible time Some of the oral witnesses hadnt counted on surviving the prisons and concentration camps
DirectorsKarin BergerElisabeth HolzingerLotte Podgornik
WritersKarin BergerElisabeth HolzingerLotte Podgornik