Lensman: Secret of the Lens

Lensman: Secret of the Lens (1988)

"Shadow of the Lens"
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In this animated adaptation of E. E. Doc Smith's groundbreaking science fiction serial "Grey Lensman" from the 1930s-1950s, Kimball Kinnison, a young man from the agricultural planet Mquie and his Valerian companion, Buscirk find a dying man with a legendary crystal lens embedded in his hand. As the man was dying, he mysteriously passed on the Lens to Kim. With more companions to come by, Kim must find out the purpose of the Lens before the Boskone dynasty does.

Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Kazuyuki Hirokawa
Toshio Furukawaas Kimball Kinnison (voice)
Mami Koyamaas Clarissa MacDougall (voice)
Chikao Ohtsukaas Pete Van Buskirk (voice)

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Original Language:Japanese
Production Companies:Toho Co., EE Doc Smith MK Company, MK Productions Ltd., Madhouse, Kodansha
Movie Tags:space