Love in Bora Bora

"Anything can happen in Paradise"
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Love in Bora Bora
NR 1 hr 30 minTV Movie, Comedy, Romance
Valentine is convinced shes in love with Jérôme her best friend and work partner She decides to share her feelings with him while theyre away in Bora Bora on a business trip But theres a bad surprise in store Jérômes new girlfriend Céleste has decided to tag along Valentine will have to put up a real fight to win over the love of her life under the amused gaze of Marc their guide in the lovers paradise But as the days roll by Valentine realizes she was wrong about Jérôme and discovers true love elsewhere
DirectorDavid Morley
WritersDaphné CholletMélanie Rode

Movie Details

Original Language:French
Production Companies:Big Band Story TF1 Films Production