• Man on the Run (1949)

Man on the Run

Release Date: 1949

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 22 min

Plot Summary

British Army deserter Peter Burden (Derek Farr), perpetually on the run in postwar England, one day finds himself in a pawnshop. When armed men suddenly burst in and rob the store -- assaulting the owner and killing a police officer -- Burden is mistakenly pegged as the criminal. Knowing he is innocent yet under suspicion as a deserter, Burden finds refuge at the home of attractive war widow Jean Adams (Joan Hopkins), who offers to help clear his name.

Cast: Derek Farr, Joan Hopkins, Edward Chapman, Laurence Harvey, Alfie Bass, John Bailey, John Stuart, Edward Underdown

Director: Lawrence Huntington

Genres: Crime drama

Keywords: London, 1940s, Underdog, Love, Escape, Suspenseful, Engaging, Murder, England, Pursuit

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