Me and the Kid Poster

Release Date: 1993

PG|1 hr 34 min

Plot Summary
While trying to rob a home safe, two amateur crooks are discovered by 8-year-old Gary (Alex Zuckerman). There's no money, so they decide to kidnap the boy instead. They collect the ransom, but when hot-headed Roy (Joe Pantoliano) tries to kill Gary, kindhearted Harry (Danny Aiello) makes a wacky getaway with the boy and his share of the loot. They decide to head to Mexico and are aided by a kindly motel operator (Cathy Moriarty). But the authorities and a vengeful Roy are right behind them.

Cast: Danny Aiello, Alex Zuckerman, Joe Pantoliano, Cathy Moriarty, David Dukes, Anita Morris, Abe Vigoda, Demond Wilson

Director: Dan Curtis

Genres: Adventure

Keywords: 1990s, Madcap, Amusing, Growing up, Escape, Heartwarming