• Merlin: The Return (2000) Cast & Crew

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  • Adrian  Paul
    Adrian Paul as Lancelot
  • Julie  Hartley
    Julie Hartley as Guinevere
  • Byron  Taylor
    Byron Taylor as Richie Gould
  • Leigh  Grevenstein
    Leigh Grevenstein as Kate
  • Grethe  Fox
    Grethe Fox as Morgana
  • Jennifer  Steyn
    Jennifer Steyn as Richie's Mom
  • Anthony  Bishop
    Anthony Bishop as Gawain
  • Lynne  White
    Lynne White as Aunt Everlyn
  • Jocelyn  Broderick
    Jocelyn Broderick as Megan
  • Lee-Anne  Liebenberg
    Lee-Anne Liebenberg as Mordred Personal Bodyguard 1
  • Connie  Giles
    Connie Giles as Mordred Personal Bodyguard 2
  • Elmi  de Beer
    Elmi de Beer as Bodyguard Sidekick 1
  • Lizette  van Heerden
    Lizette van Heerden as Bodyguard Sidekick 2
  • Joanne  Odendaal
    Joanne Odendaal as Bodyguard Sidekick 3
  • Doriana  Mastrogiuseppe
    Doriana Mastrogiuseppe as Bodyguard Sidekick 4
  • Sandy  Da Silva
    Sandy Da Silva as Bodyguard Sidekick 5
  • Natasha  Kandic
    Natasha Kandic as Bodyguard Sidekick 6
  • Anri Janse  van Rensburg
    Anri Janse van Rensburg as Bodyguard Sidekick 7
  • Tony  Caprari
    Tony Caprari as Mordred General 1
  • Robert  Colman
    Robert Colman as Mordred General 2
  • Gideon  Koegelenberg
    Gideon Koegelenberg as Mordred General 3
  • Andrew  McNaughton
    Andrew McNaughton as Mordred General 4
  • Tina  Illman
    Tina Illman as Lady-in-Waiting 1
  • Michelle  Douglas
    Michelle Douglas as Lady-in-Waiting 2
  • Gabriella  Cirillo
    Gabriella Cirillo as Lady-in-Waiting 3
  • Chantelle  Stander
    Chantelle Stander as Lady-in-Waiting 4