Muppets Magic From 'The Ed Sullivan Show!'

Muppets Magic From 'The Ed Sullivan Show!' (2003)

"Features the first Muppet performance on The Ed Sullivan Show from September 18, 1966"
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G 1 hr 8 minJan 1st, 2003
Long before America came to appreciate the talents of Jim Henson and his brilliant creations, The Muppets, Ed Sullivan had the foresight to identify with Henson's enormous creativity and provide him an opportunity to introduce his unique characters to the American public. With Henson's first appearance on September 18, 1966, The Muppets began to capture America's imagination, breaking down our old conceptions of what could be done with puppetry, challenging us to embrace these creatures as living and thinking beings. Not only does this program introduce us to Kermit, we can also see the beginnings of other Henson characters we've come to know and love, including reindeer discussing Christmas deliveries, singing cows, a monster engulfing a computer, and Kermit swallowing a worm. The charm and warmth that captured children and adults when these inventive segments first aired are just as powerful and compelling today. As you will see... The Muppets' charm and lore are timeless!
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