Operation Delta Force 5: Random Fire Poster

Release Date: 1999

DVD Release Date: October 23rd, 2001

R|1 hr 50 min

Plot Summary
Terrorist Jaffar (Toni Caprari) is capturing American soldiers and turning them into brainwashed suicide bombers. The elite Delta Force is ambushed while trying to protect a U.S. ambassador from Jaffar, and soon the situation becomes a tense struggle between Jaffar and Delta Force leader Brad Kennedy (Trae Thomas). Kennedy and military cohorts Johnson (Todd Jensen) and Loomis (Anthony Bishop) track the terrorism network to a compound in Kenya and prepare to launch a full assault.

Cast: Todd Jensen, Trae Thomas, Anthony Bishop, Gray Lawson, Pepper Sweeney, David Dukas, Jason Kennett, David Lee

Director: Yossi Wein

Genres: Action

Keywords: Pursuit, Rousing, 1990s, Rescue, Survival, Brash