Scars of Youth (2008)

Movie"Where life is eternal the only monuments left are the scars of youth"
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In a postapocalyptic world 200 years in the future society has broken down into fragmented groups who now dwell within a tangled wood completely unaware of any civilization that exists beyond and governed by the whitesuited agents of some ominous force which could perhaps be nothing more than a hightech manifestation of their own guilt and suffering In this world a young man living in a decaying wreck of a dwelling struggles to come to terms with his bleak existence while trying to save his mother from the grip of a strange black fluid which seems to prolong life but at the same time leaves its users in a druglike haze and causes scarlike tissue to cover their bodies Scars of Youth follows in the tradition of classic European science fiction such as Andrei Tarkovskys Stalker and Solaris while at the same time forging new ground in surrealistic fantasy film