• She Came to the Valley (1977) Cast & Crew

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  • Anna  Jones
    Anna Jones as Amara Westall
  • Jennifer  Jones
    Jennifer Jones as Srita Westall
  • Rafael  Flores Jr.
    Rafael Flores Jr. as Benito Torres
  • Les  Brecht
    Les Brecht as Phil Allen
  • Frank  Benedetto
    Frank Benedetto as Captain Hernandez
  • Sol  Marroquin
    Sol Marroquin as Colonel Vaccaro
  • Evelyn  Guerrero
    Evelyn Guerrero as Connie
  • Ruth  Reeves
    Ruth Reeves as Miss Thirty Six
  • Klaus  Eggers
    Klaus Eggers as Klaus
  • Detlev  Nitche
    Detlev Nitche as Zimmer
  • Michael  Hart
    Michael Hart as Henry
  • Dan  Willis
    Dan Willis as Mr. Courtnay
  • John  Hayes
    John Hayes as Mr. Wright
  • Jesus  Saenz
    Jesus Saenz as Mr. Torres
  • Juanita  Rutledge
    Juanita Rutledge as Mrs. Torres
  • Cindy  Klein
    Cindy Klein as Rosita
  • Miriam  Moroles
    Miriam Moroles as Carmella
  • Martin  Sanchez
    Martin Sanchez as Grandfather
  • Cedric  Wood
    Cedric Wood as Sergeant Williams
  • Robby  Romero
    Robby Romero as Pepe
  • Mary Alice  Artes
    Mary Alice Artes as Fanny
  • Frank Ray  Perilli
    Frank Ray Perilli as Emilio
  • Cleo  Dawson
    Cleo Dawson as Christmas Party Guest
  • W.T.  Ellis
    W.T. Ellis as Christmas Party Guest
  • Maurine  Duncan
    Maurine Duncan as Christmas Party Guest
  • T.L.  Duncan
    T.L. Duncan as Christmas Party Guest