Sheena Poster

Release Date: 1984

DVD Release Date: December 4th, 2001

PG|1 hr 57 min

Plot Summary
The Zambouli tribe raise a young white orphan whom their shaman believes to have been sent as part of a mystical prophecy, teaching her the ways of telepathic communication with animals. The girl grows up to be Sheena, Queen of the Jungle (Tanya Roberts), and she is soon called upon to save the Zambouli from annihilation by Prince Otwani (Trevor Thomas), who wants the precious metal under the natives' land. She is aided by a reporter named Vic Casey (Ted Wass) who falls for her charms.

Cast: Tanya Roberts, Ted Wass, Donovan Scott, France Zobda, Trevor Thomas, Clifton Jones, John Forgeham, Errol John

Director: John Guillermin

Genres: Adventure

Keywords: Prison, Melodramatic, Rescue, 1980s