Skinwalker: Curse of the Shaman

Skinwalker: Curse of the Shaman (2005)

TMDb Score
Not Yet Rated 1 hr 15 minJan 1st, 2005Horror

Horror - When college students Brooke (Amanda Paytas) and A.J. (Timothy Parham) set out to make a documentary on six missing kids, rumored to be the victims of a deadly curse, they have no idea of the danger they're walking into. While digging for answers, Brooke and A.J. stir the emotions of the mysterious locals and uncover a world of dark secrets and unspeakable evil. Directed by Steve Stevens Jr., this film also stars James Doohan of "Star Trek" fame. - Amanda Paytas, Timothy Parham, Donald Craig

Steve Stevens Jr.
Amanda Paytasas Brooke
Donald Craigas Sheriff Tad