Terrifier 3 (2024)

Terrifier 3
Art the Clown unleashes chaos on the unsuspecting residents of Miles County as they peacefully drift off to sleep on Christmas Eve.

Terrifier Collection

Terrifier is an American horror media franchise consisting of slasher-splatter films, comic books, and various other media. The franchise mainly focuses on Sienna Shaw, a young woman destined to defeat the enigmatic Art the Clown, a demonic serial killer that inhabits the fictitious Miles County, New York. Additionally, the series follows Victoria Heyes, a disfigured survivor struggling with her mental health, and the Little Pale Girl, a sinister entity accompanying Art.

Movie Details

Theatrical Release:October 11th, 2024
Movie Budget:$2,000,000
Original Language:English
Executive Producers:G. Brandon Hill, Chris McGurk, Brad Miska
Production Companies:Dark Age Cinema, Fuzz on the Lens Productions, Bloody Disgusting, The Coven, Signature Entertainment