• Sophie and the Moonhanger (1996) Cast & Crew

Full Cast & Crew

  • Ja'net  DuBois
    Ja'net DuBois as Agnes
  • Joe  Maggard
    Joe Maggard as Andy Palmer
  • Isolita  Campbell
    Isolita Campbell as Leessee
  • Charlotte  Williams
    Charlotte Williams as Nancy Lee Edgerton
  • Carl  Jackson
    Carl Jackson as Tater
  • Charles  McLawhorn
    Charles McLawhorn as Judge
  • Richard K. Olsen
    Richard K. Olsen as Doctor
  • Wallace  Merck
    Wallace Merck as Webster
  • Barry  Bell
    Barry Bell as KKK Speaker Aldon
  • Don  Sellers
    Don Sellers as Emmit
  • Mary Lucy  Bivins
    Mary Lucy Bivins as Receptionist
  • Patricia  Gray
    Patricia Gray as Nurse
  • General Fermon  Judd Jr.
    General Fermon Judd Jr. as Butler
  • April  Turner
    April Turner as Butler's Wife
  • Al  Wiggins
    Al Wiggins as Minister
  • Ephraim "Red"  Schaffer
    Ephraim "Red" Schaffer as Man at Bench