• Lynn  Whitfield

    Lynn Whitfield

    Born on May 6th, 1953

    From Baton Rouge, Louisiana


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The Josephine Baker Story Poster

The Josephine Baker Story

Born into a poor family in St. Louis, Josephine Baker (Lynn Whitfield) struggles to make a name for herself on the vaudeville circuit. As her career progresses, so does her resentment of racial prejudice, motivating her to move to Paris -- where in a short time, her exotic dance routines make her the toast of the town. Swayed by the influence of her manager (Ruben Blades), she takes the act back to America. It fails, but Josephine perseveres, proving herself as much humanitarian as entertainer.

Golden Globe (1992)
Best Performance by an Actress in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie