Special Delivery Poster

Release Date: 1976

PG|1 hr 39 min

Plot Summary
When a group of Vietnam vets holds up a bank in downtown Los Angeles, the cops close in fast, apprehending all of them except for Jack Murdock (Bo Svenson). Jack drops his cut of the money into a mailbox and, coming back later, finds he has to wait until midnight for a postman to unlock it. He lingers nearby and meets neighborhood girl Mary Jane (Cybill Shepherd) who saw him stash the loot. She wants a cut, and Jack reluctantly agrees, unaware that she's not the only one who saw him.

Cast: Bo Svenson, Cybill Shepherd, Michael C. Gwynne, Tom Atkins, Sorrell Booke, Jeff Goldblum, Vic Tayback, Deidre Hall

Director: Paul Wendkos

Genres: Romantic comedy

Keywords: Amusing, Tense, Offbeat, 1970s, Rivalry, Los Angeles, Quest