That Sinking Feeling Poster

Release Date: 1979

PG|1 hr 32 min

Plot Summary
Life in Glasgow, Scotland, is depressing for teens Ronnie (Robert Buchanan), Wal (Billy Greenlees), Andy (John Gordon Sinclair) and Vic (John Hughes), who are jobless and often contemplate bizarre ways of committing suicide. Ronnie thinks he may have a plan to change all this -- he proposes carrying out a heist of sinks from a plumber's warehouse, which he says are valuable because they are made of steel. Their plan, despite being intricate and extensive, is not exactly executed to the letter.

Cast: Robert Buchanan, John Hughes, Billy Greenlees, Douglas Sannachan, Allan Love, Danny Benson, Eddie Burt, Tom Mannion

Director: Bill Forsyth

Genres: Comedy

Keywords: Hilarious, 1980s, Quest, Doctor, Dark, Friendship, Friend