• The Boys of St. Vincent (1992) Cast & Crew

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  • Lise  Roy
    Lise Roy
  • Sebastian  Spence
    Sebastian Spence
  • David  Hewlett
    David Hewlett
  • Philip  Dinn
    Philip Dinn as Mike Finn
  • Jonathan  Lewis
    Jonathan Lewis as Eddie Linnane
  • Jeremy  Keefe
    Jeremy Keefe as Mike Sproule
  • Greg  Thorney
    Greg Thorney as Brother Glackin
  • Michael  Wade
    Michael Wade as Brother MacLaverty
  • Timothy  Webber
    Timothy Webber
  • Kristine  Demers
    Kristine Demers
  • Ashley  Billard
    Ashley Billard as Brian Lunny
  • Sam  Grana
    Sam Grana as Monsignor