The Dark Lurking Poster

Release Date: 2010

R|1 hr 37 min

Plot Summary
At a top-secret research facility located one mile beneath the surface of the earth, a team of technicians unwittingly sets free an ancient evil, spawning a monstrous horde of vicious creatures that decimates the population of the sprawling underground city and cuts off all communications with the outside. A small group of survivors, led by mercenary Michaels (Bret Kennedy) and including amnesiac patient Lena (Tonia Renee), must fight through 13 levels of bloodthirsty monsters to reach freedom.

Cast: Anthony Edwards, Tonia Renee, Bret Kennedy, Ozzie Devrish, Roslyn van Doorn, Dirk Foulger, Davyd Williams, Cassia Rosenstraus

Director: Gregory Connors

Genres: Horror, Science fiction, Action

Keywords: Doctor, 2010s, Escape, Hospital