• The Epic That Never Was (1969)

The Epic That Never Was

Release Date: September 20th, 1969

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 15 min

Plot Summary

In 1937, director Josef von Sternberg began filming an epic version of the best-seller "I, Claudius." Featuring Charles Laughton in the title role and Merle Oberon as his love interest, Messalina, the film seemed destined for greatness, but friction on the set, artistic disagreements and a serious accident befalling Oberon doomed the project. This 1965 documentary features all the extant footage from von Sternberg's film and new interviews with the surviving principals.

Cast: Charles Laughton, Robert Graves, Josef von Sternberg, Merle Oberon, Flora Robson, Emlyn Williams, Eileen Corbett, John Armstrong


Genres: Documentary

Production Co: BBC

Distributors: British Broadcasting Corporation

Keywords: Rivalry, Passionate, 1930s, Creative, London

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