The Fittest

The Fittest (2004)

"Survival Isn't Everything"
NR 1 hr 28 minDec 18th, 2004Comedy
An engrossing clever film that reminds me of a Neil LaBute film. No one in this film is likable. That's usually the kiss of death in any film, yet the filmmakers are able to make the film engrossing without a strong hero the audience wants to root for. These people all exist left of center, but the filmmakers are able to get the audience to stick with them. Jason Madera is especially strong as Freddy, giving a touch of strength in order to convey that this guy isn't a loser. Well cast and a strong plot, the film took me in to the point that I no longer noticed the low budget and poor sound mix. The score has the right whimsy for the film though. Catch this one, it's a keeper.
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