• The Limbic Region (1996)

The Limbic Region

Release Date: 1996

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 30 min

Plot Summary

In San Francisco in the 1970s, a serial killer calling himself The Scorekeeper sends taunting notes to the police and media after each of his kills. Although the case is long closed, obsessed detective Jon Lucca (Edward James Olmos) still suspects the wrong man was named as the killer. Learning he has only weeks to live, Lucca meets with Lloyd Ward (George Dzundza) -- the man he has long been convinced is the murderer, but never had enough evidence to arrest -- intending to force a confession.

Cast: Edward James Olmos, George Dzundza, Roger Cross, Gwynyth Walsh, Don S. Davis, Alan Robertson, Chris Wilding, Myriam Sirois

Director: Michael Pattinson

Genres: Thriller

Keywords: 1990s, Police station, Quest, Death, Rivalry, Mystery, Dark