The Loves of Cynthia

The Loves of Cynthia (1972)

""Possessed by a satanical force" awakened her sister's abnormal desires- - to bait a trap of death!"
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NR 1 hr 26 minJan 1st, 1972Drama
Presented by that King of Sleaze Harry Novak comes this film about a woman who leaves her film career in Rome(no longer wanted) and comes to stay with her sister who married a millionaire. While there she devises a plan for her brother-in-law's brother and servant to have sex with her sister after being drugged with a an aphrodisiac in the hopes that her brother-in-law will divorce her sister and marry her. Whew! Some plot. - via BaronBl00d at the IMDb
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DirectorArnold Baxter