The Man Who Reclaimed His Head Poster

Release Date: 1934

Not Yet Rated|1 hr 22 min

Plot Summary
Passionate intellectual Paul Verin (Claude Rains) writes editorials decrying war and capitalist profiteering and allows politician Henry Dumont (Lionel Atwill) to take credit for his words in the broadsheet he publishes. When Dumont's political aspirations bring him closer to the very financiers and industrialists condemned in Paul's writings, he urges Paul to soften his rhetoric. After Paul refuses, Dumont decides to undermine his employee -- first by seducing his wife, Adele (Joan Bennett).

Cast: Claude Rains, Joan Bennett, Lionel Atwill

Director: Edward Ludwig

Genres: Drama

Keywords: Passionate, Sacrifice, Wife, Police station, Office, Engaging, France, Spirited, Revenge, Transformation