The Matrix (1999)

Movie"Believe the unbelievable."
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Set in the 22nd century, The Matrix tells the story of a computer hacker who joins a group of underground insurgents fighting the vast and powerful computers who now rule the earth.

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The Matrix Collection

The Matrix collection depicts a complex science fiction story incorporating many philosophical elements. Written and directed by the Wachowskis and produced by Joel Silver.

Movie Details

Theatrical Release:March 31st, 1999 - Buy Tickets
On DVD & Blu-ray:September 21st, 1999 - Buy DVD
Movie Budget:$63,000,000
Movie Box Office Gross:$463,517,383 (Worldwide)
Original Language:English
Executive Producers:Lilly Wachowski, Barrie M. Osborne, Andrew Mason, Lana Wachowski, Bruce Berman, Erwin Stoff
Production Companies:Village Roadshow Pictures, Groucho II Film Partnership, Silver Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures