The Names of Love (2011)

"Make love, not war"
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Not Yet Rated 1 hr 40 minJun 24th, 2011Drama, Romance, Comedy

Bahia Benmahmoud, a free-spirited young woman, has a particular way of seeing political engagement, as she doesn't hesitate to sleep with those who don't agree with her to convert them to her cause - which is a lot of people, as all right-leaning people are concerned. Generally, it works pretty well. Until the day she meets Arthur Martin, a discreet forty-something who doesn't like taking risks. She imagines that with a name like that, he's got to be slightly fascist. But names are deceitful and appearances deceiving.

Michel Leclerc
Jacques Gamblinas Arthur Martin
Sara Forestieras Bahia Benmahmoud
Zinedine Soualemas Mohamed Benmahmoud, le père de Bahia