The Newman Shame

The Newman Shame
NR 1 hr 33 minThriller, TV Movie
John Brandy (George Lazenby) is an ex-cop on holiday in Singapore with his girlfriend Ginger (Diane Craig) when he hears an old Perth banker friend of his, Frank Newman (Ken Goodlet), has committed suicide. He travels to Perth and discovers that Newman killed himself after being drugged at a party and found himself in a pornographic film; he was blackmailed and embezzled money to pay off his tormentors, but when the film was distributed anyway he decided to take his own life. Newman and Ginger decide to investigate who is behind the blackmail racket.
DirectorJulian Pringle
WriterBruce A. Wishart

Movie Details

Original Language:English
Production Companies:Gemini Productions, The Grundy Organization, Swan Television