The Right Connections Poster

Release Date: 1997

PG|1 hr 35 min

Plot Summary
Gail Tompkins (Belinda Metz) tries to provide for her kids, but things take a turn for the worse when she loses her job, only to discover she owes the government $5,000 in taxes. Determined to help, the kids (Elizabeth Hart, Brian Hart, Emily Hart) decide to enter a music contest to earn some extra money -- except they have no talent. Fortunately, they meet a rapper (MC Hammer) who is willing to help, although they still need their oldest sibling (Melissa Joan Hart) if they want to win.

Cast: M.C. Hammer, Belinda Metz, Elizabeth Hart, Brian Hart, Emily Hart, Alexandra Hart-Gilliams, Melissa Joan Hart, Scott Vickaryous

Director: Chuck Vinson

Genres: Family, Comedy

Keywords: 1990s, Heartwarming, Underdog, Sacrifice, Brother, Family, Sister, Amusing