The World's Greatest Lover Poster

Release Date: 1977

DVD Release Date: April 4th, 2006

PG|1 hr 29 min

Plot Summary
When a film studio decides to find a movie star to rival celebrity Rudolph Valentino, the company's executives, particularly the imperious Zitz (Dom DeLuise), sponsor a contest to audition aspiring actors. High-strung baker Rudy Hickman (Gene Wilder) enters the competition as Rudy Valentine, and, surprisingly, seems to hold some promise. His obsession with becoming a leading man, however, eventually gets Rudy into serious trouble with his wife, Annie (Carol Kane).

Cast: Gene Wilder, Carol Kane, Dom DeLuise, Fritz Feld, Carl Ballantine, Michael Huddleston, Matt Collins, Ronny Graham

Director: Gene Wilder

Genres: Comedy

Keywords: Rise, Los Angeles, Wife, Underdog, Amusing, Marriage, Playful