Three Feet in a Bed

Three Feet in a Bed (1950)

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NR 1 hr 27 minMay 5th, 1950Comedy
In spite of his failures as a peddler, Casimir guaranteed his fiance that this time the vacuum cleaners will work for good. But he's still unsuccessful until he go to the appartment of Paul-Andre, a painter who was engaged by correspondence to a rich south-American woman. That's exactly when she arrive armed with a gun infuriated after she had received a rupture letter from the man she had never seen. She mistakenly took Casimir as her painter lover. Casimir his ready to flee until he learned she owned many hotels, a thousand rooms in fact. "A thousand rooms, a thousand vacuum cleaners", he suddenly think.
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DirectorRichard Pottier

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Original Language:French
Production Companies:La Société Française de Cinematographie, La Société des Films Sirius